Dylan Hunter Chee Greene

I think art is the most important thing one can do. I make work through percussion, composition, image, design, and word. Having been reared by a community of visual artists, writers, thespians, photographers, textile designers, and architects, and finding my people and artistic beliefs stemming from those mediums, I still find my relationship to music strange. To realize my oblique relationship with music took a series of affairs with other mediums. Once those affairs merged with my percussion training, I found myself capable smashing my interests together into one obsessively collaborative practice. To reframe composition as a multi-medium performance practice unearthed a deep need to make art that moves people to cry and dance. Myself included. The most holistic things are amalgamative by nature. This addiction to experiences of sound and sight leads me to compose more for dance and visual art than for the concert stage. It’s why I find myself pulled toward and born of oddly beautiful projects formed of kindred spirits - Willo and Oracle Hysterical and my old band Tusks. Projects in which composition and performance are inseparable. They’re a strange and validating homes to me. And in those homes, I play drums for the same reasons that drums are integral to Ghanian culture: to communicate. Through my love of color and texture and rhythm, I learn and re-learn how to better listen and speak. 

My personal work is exploring auto-fiction, my Chinese heritage, textural harmony, and the ambient. This multiplicity of selves through creation is art sound. This practice forms and shapes my life by and with the communities that I call family in it. To know inspiration in people and work and to continuing trying, is all I want.

'16 Artist Diploma, percussion performance & composition, Bard College
'15 B.M. percussion performance, University of Michigan
'08 Private Study of Ashanti Drumming Styles with Koo Nimo, Ghana, Africa

'16 Bang On A Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA

other projects
Oracle Hysterical

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