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Willo Collective is a project based trio of collaborative performer-composers. With improvisation, noise, color, and electronic sound, Chris Sies (Latitude 49 and Baylor University), Dylan Greene (Oracle Hysterical), and Jon Brown (The Ragbirds) make both experimental and the expected works of sound and art that blend together inclinations of painters, multimedia artists, interactive designers, composers, audio engineers, and poets. Founded in Ann Arbor, MI they're work connects the ears to the eyes across the country.



Collaborators Past & Present

Sonya Belaya | pianist, vocalist

Nola Smith | choreographer, dancer

Nicholas Williams | visual artist

Steve Stavropoulos | 3d graphics designer

Arlo Shultis  | percussionist

Arlo Shultis | percussionist

Kit Parks | visual artist


Elliot Cole | composer, performer

Katherine Pekala | photographer, videographer

Sam Cooper  | composers, audio engineer

Sam Cooper | composers, audio engineer

Hillary Butterworth | visual artist


Isaac Levine | composer, sound artist