"Alright, alright, this is familiar now.

an EP released January 8, 2014

The idea to improvise as four percussionists on one vibraphone was inspired by Elliot Cole's Postludes. We took that idea to farmer's markets, art galleries, a yoga studio, and street corners around Michigan and Ohio. After a year performing and experimenting in public, private, static, and liminal spaces, we recorded the improvisations that became "Alright, alright, this is familiar now. Only after did we decide that the composition was more so the people, the place, and the limitations of space across the same instrument rather than the notes and their (dis)order.

performed & conceived by Jon Brown, Dylan Greene, Chris Sies and Evan Laybourn
recorded by Isaac Levine
mixed by Dylan Greene
titles written by Nola Smith
album artwork & design by Dylan Greene

instrumentation vibraphone, tam-tam, oxygen tanks, metal chains, nipple gongs, wind gong.