chapter no.1: color

a study of multi-medium performance, 2014
performed at Arbor Vitae and the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design

Willo created their first evening length work about visual art at the speed of music: a conversation between live illustration, projected animation, improvised music, and fixed music composition. Illustration was paired with improvisation and live-manipulated animations generated in maxMSP were paired with fixed compositions of noise, texture, and rhythm.

Since percussion is such a visually expressive instrument, the musicians were situated behind the audience and both the projection screen and the custom back lit light board were situated in front. 

The percussionists were stationed behind the audience who faced two screens. One on the ground served as a backlit light board upon which Hillary Butterworth and Kit Parks drew as though they were puppeteers. Live and responsive animations made in MaxMSP were projected on the second screen, positioned above the light board. The tv-like live art screen and improvisations accompanied each other during the first and third portion of the performance. The animations were played by Isaac Levine in response to the fixed compositions in the middle of the work. 

In chapter no.2, we intend to work with music at the speed of art.