a consortium, 2015
performed at Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall as part of Strange Beautiful Music VIII

A time-based noise composition based off the famous AMEN break for a throng of percussionists.  

Hanuman's Leap

collaboration and tour production, 2014
performed at the Jam Handy in Detroit and the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor Michigan

A thirty minute work based off the Ramayana that was commissioned by the vocal ensemble Room Full of Teeth. Elliot created a tour-able version for himself as the lead with a pre-recorded chorus and three drummers. We produced two tour stops for Elliot. 

production Dylan Greene
performances Betsy Soukup, Nola Smith, Isaac Levine, and Willo
fire spinning Kit Parks, Sarah Kaitlin
projections Steve Stavropoulos, Hillary Butterworth, Kit Parks
video Nick Williams, Matt Fields, Colin Russell