Jon Brown

i can’t sleep. maybe it’s because i’m used to playing late night shows on drum set with The Ragbirds across the country. or because i was used to practicing late at night while i was in school studying percussion and chamber music with my best friends in Willo. maybe I like to spend my evenings in town up late with friends listening to music, talking about art and tying off a beer or three. because they’re only in town for one night and dammit i’m going to stay up late to squeeze out every last drop of the hang.whatever the reason for my randomly striking insomnia, it has made me write music that i myself can fall asleep to.

i think about some stuff that i have written as white-noise minimalism. you can choose to listen to it or not and hopefully, either way, you will enjoy it or fall asleep. if you tell me you fall asleep listening to my music, that is the greatest compliment. so i can’t sleep sometimes, but i write music to fall asleep to. i also can’t dance well so i want to write music to dance to.if i can meld those two together, than wow. first to fall asleep on the dance floor wins.

my musical passions are now three fold: playing, teaching and writing. I have been lucky enough to perform, as well as teach lessons and masterclasses at universities in Colombia and Argentina. I also teach privately in Ann Arbor, MI. Aside from The Ragbirds and Willo, i have many performing outlets ranging from alternative rock bands to psychedelic blues bands to the occasional starchy orchestra gig. one time, Chris Sies and i played a few times at Carnegie Hall together. that was until we play Carnegie again, i’ll be writing myself to sleep.

'13 M.M percussion performance, University of Michigan
'11 B.M. percussion performance, Central Michigan University

other projects
The Ragbirds grammy nominated world folk band
Men On Horseback psychedelic folk rock
9 Volt Brain alt rock